So This Guy In My Office, Dale From Accounting, Was Trying To Print Something the Other Day

And then EVERYTHING WENT AWRY AWESOME. Remember folks, the best part about a three day weekend is a four day work week. Happy WednesdaythatfeelslikeaTuesday.

Friends Whom I Find Humorous, Entertaining, and Unavoidable and Who Also Maintain Their Own Webbing Sites

Today I feel like spreading love. Everyone has their office routine. You get to work, or wake up and finally get in front of a computer, and you go to certain regular sites, usually news or interest related. I usually go in this order: The Daily Beast ESPN The Ghost of Roy Hobbs The IcehouseContinue reading “Friends Whom I Find Humorous, Entertaining, and Unavoidable and Who Also Maintain Their Own Webbing Sites”

Sometimes I Feel Like The Hi-Pointe Theatre Just Isn’t Trying Anymore

Don’t Worry, Bidness Will Be Back Again Shortly

Sorry about the recent dearth of posting in the past few weeks. I’ve been performing a lot in the past couple of months, and am also hustling all kinds of exotic animals for money, both of which are time and energy-consuming. Also, unlike the foreign wildlife, this site doesn’t make me nearly as many dollarsContinue reading “Don’t Worry, Bidness Will Be Back Again Shortly”

Former Mrs. Jim Joyce: “Well That Just Figures”

TOLEDO, OH – When asked about her ex-husband, Umpire Jim Joyce, and his blown call that cost Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game, an indignant Eunice Hampton-Joyce said “Well, that just figures” through gnashed teeth. “He was wrong about everything,” nagged Hampton-Joyce, who claims to be happier alone than with Joyce. “How toContinue reading “Former Mrs. Jim Joyce: “Well That Just Figures””