Alabama Maintains That It Is Very Much In Your Face About Politics

I wrote earlier about Alabama gubernatorial (yes, I’m going to write that word out at every opportunity, because it’s hilarious) candidate Tim James’ campaign video and the subsequent parody that came afterward. Now comes another Alabaman who could care less for whatever I wrote, he’s gonna cram this knowledge down my, yours, and everyone else’s faces.

His name is Dale Peterson and he’s running for Alabama Agriculture Chairman.

His resume is long. He’s served on virtually every form of law enforcement imaginable and he’s been a businessman, too. He may or may not suffer from voice immodulation disorder and he most certainly is the only person I’ve ever seen who can frighten a horse (go to 0:47…see what I mean?). Sounds a little over-qualified to me for the Ag Chairman, but that’s just me.

Frankly I’d rather have too much than not enough. And I’d rather not have Dale Peterson shoot me, or worse, punch me.

Here’s yet another political video. It happens to be my favorite, sent to me from my dentist friend.

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