Just In Case You Were Wondering What Simpsons Fandom or Art In General Really Looks Like

Thanks for holding it down for me here on the site while I was in Memphis for BBQfest and the engagement festival of Captain America. I fought terrorism by eating nothing but BBQ for three straight days, until I broke down and had a lovely brunch.

This video is of some company in Foggy Londontown hiring some artist kid, Matt Williams, to decorate their wall. Instead of painting some artistic landscape or something else that’s soothing to look at while wishing you weren’t at work, Williams extends all eight knuckles of his middle finger like so: by writing every quote written by Bart Simpson in the opening credits of “The Simpsons.”

It’s pretty brilliant on a number of levels. First off, he just got hired to draw something on a wall, and he wrote on it instead. Second, this company will love him for it, as it’s probably getting a decent dose of publicity from it. Lastly…it’s the Simpsons. You can whine all you want about how it isn’t like it used to be, or it just mimics “Family Guy,” or that is really isn’t like it used to be, but for the record, it’s going to go down as one of the best/most successful shows of all time. Everyone swings at the champ.


  • “Beans are neither musical nor fruit.”
  • “I will not torment the emotionally frail.”
  • “I will not teach others to fly.”
  • “Ralph won’t “morph” if you squeeze him hard enough.”
  • “I will stop talking about the twelve inch pianist.”
  • “A fire drill does not demand a fire.”
  • “I was not the inspiration for “Kramer”.”
  • “I was not touched “there” by an angel.”
  • “The Pilgrims were not illegal aliens.”
  • “I am not Charlie Brown on acid.”

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