You Used To Be Out of My League!

The following exchange was overheard at the Delta State University Homecoming festivities Saturday, October 18th, 2003, between Brian Foghart, a network administrator, and Kathy Flowers, unemployed: Hey, Kathy…Brain…Foghart. Brian Foghart. You ran around with my roommate freshman year I think, Tom Heffries? Yeah, no, I don’t talk to him much. I remember you from backContinue reading “You Used To Be Out of My League!”

Famous Rappers Plus Moving Harry-Potter-like Pictures Equals Crazy Awesome

Oh, man. Expect this to be a big ole innanet sensation by Friday. From @azizansari comes Gifs of Popular Rappers. It’s pretty self-explanatory and pretty awesome at the same time. Here are some favs: This reminds me of a friend of mine who can barely chew their gum and look not-retarded in the same breath. BeingContinue reading “Famous Rappers Plus Moving Harry-Potter-like Pictures Equals Crazy Awesome”

I’m Growing More and More Skeptical of This Alleged ‘Hootie and the Blowfish’ Comeback I’ve Been Hearing So Much About For Awhile Now

I Don’t Envy Pro Athletes; I Just Want All Their Fame and Money

Tasteful and moderate ambition aside, I really don’t envy professional athletes. No really. I don’t. This is not to be confused with their fame, money, and other intangibles that come with being a professional athlete. These I envy, and do so greatly and unashamedly.