Kevin Garnett Will Show You Dullards The Fine Art of Debating

Ladies and Gentlemen, Much has been made about this verbal confrontation between myself, Kevin Garnett, and Charles Villanueva, currently playing for the National Basketball Association’s Detroit Pitons. This much-ballyhooed misunderstanding has been reported on various social networking websites, as well as venerable sports reporting television and radio stations, such as ESPN, FOX Sports Network, andContinue reading “Kevin Garnett Will Show You Dullards The Fine Art of Debating”

I Hate Hate Hate Germany Ghana

(The first draft of this article was written immediatley after the United States secured passage onto the next round of the World Cup, when it seemed inevitable that Germany would come in second in its group, pitting these old foes against one another. Of course, the Krauts won their stupid, stupid group, leaving us toContinue reading “I Hate Hate Hate Germany Ghana”