Heed This Man or Pay Lifetimes of Untold Misfortunes

It’s no secret: the internets are a good place.

From it, you can derive a whole host of things to get you through your almost assuredly miserable existence. Sites and devices have been created for just such a purpose; youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. And yet, there are still people who – for lack of better definitions – aren’t good at the internet. They can’t seem to find anything worthwhile and use it for, sigh, business purposes only.

Meet those people’s antithesis. And appluad.

Vaunted scribe, apt skiier, and San Antonio Spurs fan (as well as frequent commentor on this humble site) Icehouse has started a Tumblr page that ought to be a daily stop for everyone. It should be stated that 90 percent of the laughing I do throughout the day is at the hands of Icehouse and the pictures, videos and such that will grace this House of Ice.

Get ready to enjoy: Here are some of my personal favs:

(as always, h/t to Icehouse for sending the link)

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Writer living in New York, NY.

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