Whether or Not You Have Teeth, It’s Just Polite To Smile For Your Mug Shot

If pictures speak 1,000 words, mug shots speak the same number of words, but in a police report and therefore hilarious format. I’ve never had the pleasure of being forced into a police vehicle or spent any time in the pokey, but getting arrested seems pretty awesome. At least people getting arrested has been awesome for me, personally. Check out all of these cool pictures that get to be published all over the interwebs! Why, these people are danged ole celebrities if you’re asking me.

The complete roster of the best mug shots of 2009 is here, and here are a few of my favorites:

Clearly this guy’s head is in the wrong place. He’s probably thinking stuff like Man, this is a third strike for me or What am I going to tell my boss? WRONG! Be thanking your lucky stars that you not only came to possess this shirt, but that you chose to wear it on a day for which you would be busted for doing something nefarious.

I just like this one because I’ve always wondered if a costume that automatically connotes “binge drinking” has ever lead to someone’s downfall. This guy’s downfall, however, seems to be fratting too hard not hard enough.


FTD: Fresh to death.

(h/t Icehouse)

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