Cinema Secret: ‘Top Gun’ Was The Precursor to ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Googling “trailers recut” will unleash a fountain of hilarity, including Top Gun being gayer than two guys playing shirtless volleyball…wait, that was actually in the movie. Here are some other favorites: I always knew Meg Ryan was a man-handed MURDERER. Seriously, though. Look at her hands. They’re like the length of my thigh. Buddy filmsContinue reading “Cinema Secret: ‘Top Gun’ Was The Precursor to ‘Brokeback Mountain’”

British Man Gives Perfectly Rational Description of An Angry Dog In Ridiculously Outlandish Shirt

I love how his wife is just standing there, barely acknowledging the insanity going on beside her. Must happen a lot. Or, you never know, that could be EXACTLY how the dog acted. (h/t Icehouse’s Mom)