Cinema Secret: ‘Top Gun’ Was The Precursor to ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Googling “trailers recut” will unleash a fountain of hilarity, including Top Gun being gayer than two guys playing shirtless volleyball…wait, that was actually in the movie. Here are some other favorites: I always knew Meg Ryan was a man-handed MURDERER. Seriously, though. Look at her hands. They’re like the length of my thigh. Buddy filmsContinue reading “Cinema Secret: ‘Top Gun’ Was The Precursor to ‘Brokeback Mountain’”

Keep The Monkeys Away From My Hands

Some classics can’t be contained. This one is “My Hands Are Bananas.” It’s all kinds of wonderful VUNDERBAR. Enjoy the weekend. My weekend policy will be that I’ll only blog about stuff when I can do it from my phone. So…see you Monday.