How To And How To Not Compete And WIN Beauty Pageants

Two words: WEAK SAUCE. Like the Mom said, if beauty pageants weren’t about beauty they wouldn’t be called beauty pageants. Little girl needs to GROW THE EFF UP AND TAKE THAT SCALDING HOT WAX LIKE¬†THE GROWN WOMAN SHE CLEARLY ISN’T. Those eyebrows that were removed? UNSIGHTLY. I guess. I don’t know I couldn’t really seeContinue reading “How To And How To Not Compete And WIN Beauty Pageants”


APPARENTLY, singer/starlet/fashionista/PIONEER OF THE ARTISTIC FRONTIER LADY GAGA shrank herself down to the size of a standard little person and performed “Telephone” with an ALSO SRUNK¬†Beyonce. Gaga, known for going “way out there” and “being wacky”, has worn meat as a dress, plays piano through a gyroscope and SCREAMS instead of SINGS sometimes. But theContinue reading “HAS LADY GAGA GONE TOO FAR?!?”