A More Compelling Argument for Christianity, Family Reunions, and Vests Cannot Be Found

Alright, let’s take a breath really quick. You got it? You going to be okay? Little more time? Okay.

So, we’re good? Good. Okay, okay, where to start. Let’s just talk about what we’ve seen okay? First off, what year was this made? The answer: It doesn’t matter, such music was never, ever popular. Punkpolka? Please. Also, notice the sinfully low-slung guitar on the guitarist. I think they might’ve picked him up from another group. He’s rocking out too hard to be associated with these guys, for whom rocking has no home.

Now, the voice. The frontman. Let’s talk about this guy, shall we? Clearly, he’s the best face of the organization, while not having the best voice. Couldn’t they have promoted the bearded guy? Definitely keep the bald, spectacled guys in the back (this is coming from a balding guy who could need glasses one day…I know what the score is), but was this their big break or something? GOTTA PUT THAT BEST FOOT FORWARD.

Finally…WHAT PLACE OF WORSHIP CAN I FIND THIS BAND AT? You KNOW they’re somewhere, still rocking out. I’d travel there for every Easter if I could. Someone please get on this. We can all go together.

Published by Zack Stovall

Writer living in New York, NY.

One thought on “A More Compelling Argument for Christianity, Family Reunions, and Vests Cannot Be Found

  1. Sonseed was a Catholic band in Bklyn, NY in the last 70s early 80s. The group is no longer together. Three of the members have passed away. Sal the lead singer lives in NYC. Jim, the bearded good looking one lives in WV. The bald one with glasses, John passed away.

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