This Is How I Am Every Morning, Except With Loafers Instead of Flip-Flops

Everyone’s been to some sort of music festival where you get dirty and wasted and do stupid stuff. Now the somewhat-hilarious-but-probably-a-little-more-hilarious-if-you-were-there-or-if-you-knew-this-person activities therein can be shared with the masses on: THE INTERNET!


A couple of notes here:

  • What’s in the backpack, bro.
  • Why is it only the right flip-flop that’s giving him the most consternation? He must be left-handed AND wasted.
  • This gentleman had the misfortune of running into uncool ladies who were unenchanted¬†with his drunken lack of grace. Like they weren’t shoulder deep in a toilet later that night with Becky holding their hair back. Psh. Some people.
  • Seriously, what’s in the backpack, bro.
  • Not sure if it’d be more funny or less funny to know if he sustained serious injuries later that day. I’m thinking the former.

(h/t to the imitable Icehouse)

Published by Zack Stovall

Writer living in New York, NY.

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