Awesome For Awesome’s Sake

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s awesome.

I’ve talked about it before, but I think people who get to do these sorts of cool, sort of artsy, but undeniably awesome things and get to pay their bills with it are the luckiest so-and-so’s on the planet. Unless their luck is solely devoted to their projects, and the rest of the time they’re shattering mirrors under ladders and getting audited and having grand pianos land on them.

That’d be some Karma.


I Would Never Do Anything To Ruin Our Friendship Like Poop My Pants

Not feeling particularly inspired on this day, so here’s a clip I like to call “Ole Faithful” since it makes me laugh absolutely every timeĀ I see it. Seriously. I had it bookmarked on my phone so I could watch it if I ever had to sit down for more than a couple of minutes. Donald Glover, the kid who poops his pants, is now pretty big time, writing for ’30 Rock’ out of college, leaving to pwn at stand-up, and eventually landing another high-profile gig with “Community.’ He’s worth laughing at, fo sho.

In other news, go see MACGRUBER. I usually don’t try and talk movies up before people go see them, because that usually sets the bar way too high, leading to disappointment. However, I don’t think this could possibly disappoint. I cried during one part. It. Was. Wonderful.

Have a good weekend.