In Celebration of Easter and The Subsequent Eggs

You’ll have to understand the reference to the timeless classic Cool Hand Luke to really get this one. If you don’t understand the aforementioned reference, you should probably give up trying to be cool for the next while. Take a breather, re-evaluate your life, maybe try and make another go of it, but ultimately know it’s an uphill battle.

Happy Easter.

Published by Zack Stovall

Writer living in New York, NY.

2 thoughts on “In Celebration of Easter and The Subsequent Eggs

  1. Hey jackass use one more reference to Cool Hand Luke and the cold hand of ME is going to come down on you like a obsessive compulsive blacksmith. Are you foolish enough to think those references are in the public domain just because I am 6 feet under? You’ll be receiving certified mail with an invoice within the next two weeks.

    Die in your sleep.

  2. “Takin’ a leak Boss.” A great spoof of one of the greastest films of all time. Now another idea… Drink 4 bottles of Newmans Own salad dressing of the participants choice in an hour.

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