Do You Have To Understand Anything About A Subject To Think It’s Awesome?

So, guys. Ong Bok 3 is coming out!

I can’t wait for it! I’ve been really excited ever since I saw the other films in the Ong Bok saga. It is a movie about an oriental man (I’m going to say Japanese) who knows martial arts. He knows so many martial arts, he has to show them off in order to provide for his family, especially his sick child. But Ong Bok is up to his wiley hijinks again as he has to battle a bunch of other people who know martial arts…(record scratch) AT THE SAME TIME?! How’s he going to get out of this pickle? Oh, BY BEING AWESOME.

And don’t get me started about the elephant’s cameo! I heard they were trying to get John Cleese to voice the elephant, because he did such a good job as the ape named Ape in George of the Jungle by Brenden Fraser. Either way, he looks like he’s an awesome sidekick to his friend, Ong Bok.

You’re going to see flips, punches, kicks and dangerous knifeplay if you see this movie! Sandra Bullock won on Oscar for a movie that won’t be half as exciting as this, AND SANDRA BULLOCK IS ADORABLE.

/Wikipedias Ong Bak 3

Yeah, I’m still just as confused, and now hungry for Thai food. But the internet told me this was going to be awesome, so, iT’s GoInG tO bE sOoOo TiGhT!

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