Don’t Bother Trying To Be My Friend If Dogs Jumping Out of Airplanes Doesn’t Amaze You

Not a Disney movie...yet

Remember how awesome those Air Bud movies and their subsequent sequels were? Me either, that’s because I didn’t watch them, precisely due to a lack of awesome.

Prepare to meet awesomeness.

A British newspaper sends this report that dogs are jumping out of airplanes with soldiers to fight in Afghanistan and are specifically trained to eat anyone with a weapon.


How awesome is that? I’ve always said that Air Bud could have used more blood, ammo and boobs. With my luck, I will take two out of three and sleep like a baby  tonight.

(h/t Icehouse, again…email me cool stuff if you want me to tip my hat to you. Just ask Icehouse, it’s a good feeling)

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