Zack’s Hate Mail from Music Legend and American Idol’s Randy Jackson

In our offices, everyday it seems like Zack gets a piece of Hate Mail from just about any and everybody you could imagine. Here are some of the keepers:

Yo Dawg,

Eeeehhhhh…Yeah, I was not feelin’ this. Nah, man, you see, what you did was this, you came in here like you did and then you did and when it was done I was just, no, no. You had something there when you were all about this thing, until something, you know, something came about that just wasn’t in step with the rest of what it is you were trying to do. It’s like you were there, on the edge there, thinking about getting this thing in and done and all that, but there toward most of it…I feel like it just wasn’t what you or me or anybody was really going to get up and dance around about, you know?

It just wasn’t for me, man. It wasn’t.

Now there was one part, though, one part that seemed to have something to it where it wasn’t half-crazy, but you know, in this business though, dawg, half-crazy and real-crazy are getting close to getting real-REAL-crazy dawg. When I was sitting here with you and this and you, I felt like we were there in the moment in our heads but we weren’t really in the moment in the realness of today and, you know, I just eeeeeeehhhh, no, dawg. No, I’m sorry, man, but no I can’t you know think that what it is that you were getting down on was something that you know…You know your everyday, normal guy may or may not get down on this. Your everyday, normal guy may or may not get down on this. Your everyday, normal guy may or may get down on what it is that you’re doing, but really, that’s entirely dependent on you and that normal guy connecting or not.

But for me, for you? Naahhh, I’m sorry, man.

Listen, dawg, seriously, I mean what I’m about to say from the bottom of my heart: It’s like you were there. It’s like you were really there and were going about it in all the right ways. You were going about it in all the right ways until you got caught going another way. You got caught going another way, and it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’ve got to do you, and there’s no one else – not me, or Kara, or Paul, or Simon, or anyone – who can do that for you. You’ve got to stay real to yourself. But you got caught going down that other way, again, which wasn’t right or wrong, it just wasn’t for me, you know, dawg? It just wasn’t for me, this other kind of way you were going, with the words you were, you know, those words are important, and what you were doing, you know, which, I do have to say this, was clearly you. I wasn’t confused about that, dawg! It was TOTALLY you, the whole time, and I get that about you and what it is you’re doing with this whole thing. I get that, and I’m glad, but from me to you? From me, to you, dawg, nah…Nah, it just wasn’t there, there was something that was there for some time, then it was not there, then it seemed like it might be coming back, but it didn’t. Then it actually did come back, it was there again. It was there, and then it left again. Without warning, dawg, it kept going there and not there, and back and forth and so on, dawg, it was you doing your thing, and then you were doing your thing here and there when really? Really, dawg? All you had to do was do it near a vicinity like there, but also, you know, here with a lot of other people who are cheering for it, or not, dawg, because, you know, it depends on that individual person.

So, no. This wasn’t for me. I guess that’s my whole point.

WORD, Dawg!




Published by Zack Stovall

Writer living in New York, NY.

One thought on “Zack’s Hate Mail from Music Legend and American Idol’s Randy Jackson

  1. I thought it was beautiful…you really showed your talent…and you look gor…gorg….pretty.*pops pill*

    I think that it was bloody terrible.

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