Oh man. Oh man, this looks sweet. It’s like the FUTURE is NOW!

Tron was a revolutionary movie that was one of the first to incorporate CGI as an integral part of the film. It starred Jeff “The Dude” Bridges and the Guy Who Played Billy Zane’s Bodyguard In Titanic (named “Lovejoy,” tee hee!) and was more cult pheonomenon than super-successful flick. You can tell its cult status because it has spawned numerous parodies and pop culture references, like this random one from some show, the name of which escapes me.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The French electronica band Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack. The whole sound track. Clearly, I’ve never seen Tron, like most of you out there, but Daft Punk gets me going in all the right directions. Good God. They dress up like robots, make little to no sense, and melt faces. If you don’t like Daft Punk, you and I have a serious personal problem that I am not certain can be sorted out without some acts of violence toward one another. Here’s their best jam…no, seriously, I’ll beat you up. Watch it here (sorry, the French hate embedding…I thought you knew that).

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