Gene Kitsmiller: ‘Bucket List’ Stand Up Comedian

As most of you know, I do stand up around St. Louis. It’s a lot of fun, and living in a city in which I don’t know that many people, it’s a great way to do my own thing for myself and meet other people.

One of the people I’ve met is Gene Kitsmiller. He’s a nice guy who’s about my dad’s age. He loves old school comedy from the early 80’s, like Seinfeld’s older stuff, Paul Reiser, and a lot of old Jay Leno “observational” type material. Not my style, but hey, it works for him. Anyway, I think he’s had a tough time lately, something about his dad letting him go from their family business to make room for his sister’s boyfriend or something. With more time on his hand, he’s gotten to finally take the plunge and fulfill a dream of his to get on stage, crossing it off his ol’ bucket list. This is maybe his third performance ever, and I think his other two ended with him blacking out and/or throwing up.

I thought he did okay. Check him out here.

Zack’s Brief Word on the Shooting-in-the-Face of Osama bin Laden

This was the other night at good ole Lemmon’s, where I’ve been doing stand up pretty regularly. I was contemplating not even bringing this up, as I don’t know if I have anything important to add to the conversation, but people listen to stand up to precisely hear what you have to say on big news. And this news was definitely one of the bigger stories ever. Puts that whole Royal Wedding thing in perspective, though.


Sorry about the lack of postage, by the way. Not only have I been doing more stand up, but I also landed me one of those full time job things. It’s awesome, and it’s even more awesome having regularly steady income, but sadly, the inane musings of this portly madman are subsequently limited by time constraints. In fact, I have you to thank for my job; I inadvertently included a link to my site in the email that had my resume attached to the company. My resume was good enough, they said, but what got me an interview was that they liked what I had written for you guys. And the rest, as they say, is history.

This marks the second time my professional career has benefited from my pastime exploits online (I was promoted from local to statewide papers at my old job for my work on The Ghost of Roy Hobbs). CHALK ANOTHER ONE UP ON THE BIG BOARD FOR INTERNET TOMFOOLERY!

Keep reading, commenting and such.

Happy Valentine’s Day From Zack…May It Be Better Than His First Valentine’s Date Experience

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. I’d go on some unoriginal and long-winded rant about how Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday that sends couples into agony and more profits into Hallmark executive’s wallets, but quite frankly it’s been done, and I actually don’t mind it. Everybody likes a good dinner, and a good excuse to go get one.


Here’s some stand up I did the other night at Lemmon’s here in St. Louis. It was the Valentine’s Day Massacre, put on by some people I know through the Improv Trick. St. Louis has a burgeoning comedy scene and these folks were good enough to let me go for about ten minutes with an endless array of mildly amusing dickjokes. This is the closing four or five minutes, all of which is brand new material I wrote about an hour or so before.

So comment and stuff. Or not. Maybe you and a loved one can curl up by a fire, sip on some wine or other adult beverages, and write a racial slur or two in the comments section. Because if there’s anything racists like more than hating people who are a different color than they are, it’s writing racist stuff in YouTube commentary. 


Update: Ask and ye shall receive. Here’s the gif of me falling down, as requested by Icehouse.