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I’ve been doing random drawings (collectively known as #zackstovart [GET IT?! IT’S LIKE MY NAME AND IT’S LIKE ART PUT TOGETHER!]) for years now. Sometime a while back, I got the idea to draw a fancy vacuum cleaner, and it was just a vacuum cleaner wearing a tuxedo. For some reason, I loved this drawing, and realized the absurdity of drawing a great number of increasingly silly objects adorning the fanciest garb imaginable was too good to pass up. Thus my side series, Fancy Things, was born.

I was lucky enough to present Fancy Things at a local Pecha Kucha gathering. PK is a renowned event, beginning in Japan in 2003, in which creative types of any field meet to discuss their endeavors within the following parameters: each speaker must present twenty slides, and they have twenty seconds to speak per slide. So roughly six minutes and forty seconds to talk about the creative motivations and aspects behind your project. I was thrilled with the opportunity to unleash my Fancy Things upon the world, but realized that just showing each slide and taking twenty seconds to vary my delivery of the sentence “WELL ISN’T THIS DROLL?” would result in a presentation that wouldn’t serve the project.

Hence, I developed the presentation as a faux book pitch from the perspective of a deranged etiquette consultant hellbent on fostering an atmosphere of fanciness by adorning the environment in as many bow ties and cummerbunds as it would allow. The following video is the audio from my presentation, along with the twenty slides that went with it.

As you can tell, it went over pretty well. Quite surprisingly, after the presentation, I received emails, messages, and in-person requests for the book that had never been intended to be made. I’ve been working and having discussions with various people who know how to get pages together and bind them into what many people call “books” or at least their digital facsimile. I can’t say much more about it, other than it’s something I’d like to see at some point in the future and am working to achieve that.

Feel free to check in on Twitter and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements! Or don’t! In 500 years, literally no one will remember we ever even existed, so no biggie!

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