Zack’s Hate Mail

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but some people just don’t care for me. I know, right? I don’t know what it is. I look older than I actual am (like a seasoned gentleman), I’m remarkably fast, and I’m just about the most polite guy you’ve ever had hold a door open for you.

Maybe it’s the fact that I look older than I am but still go to Toys-R-Us every Saturday morning. Maybe portly people shouldn’t move that fast. Maybe I slammed that door in your big, stupid face.

Whatever the crazy reason is, people either don’t care for me, or they don’t care for the work I do here at or elsewhere. And I respect other people’s opinions. Sure I do. No! Really! I’ll prove it. Here are some samples, just samples mind you, of the hate mail that I recieve in our office on a semi-regular basis. The people or entities who submit such material will shock you with their striking candor, their ribald tone, and their ability to write at all.

Click here to see the latest Hate Mail sent to Zack.

Feel free to send your own, too, I guess. Be forewarned: I reserve the right to publish said material and let everyone know just how mean and wrong and ugly you are.

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