About Zack

Hello Interwebbers,

My name is Zack Stovall and I’m a writer currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks for coming to zackstovall.com. I hope you enjoy your stay and take full advantage of the continental breakfast, which can be faxed directly to you.

Here’s a little bit about me, since you went all out and clicked ‘About Zack,’ which is awfully gracious of you:

I lived in Memphis for awhile. I was the Humor Editor for The Sou’wester, school newspaper of Rhodes College, as well as a writing contributor for Memphis Magazine.

Favorite memory therein: Three 6 Mafia winning an Academy Award.

Some of you may know me from my journalism work. Some of you may know me from my political blog, now defunct but always funky. Some of you may know me from hitting me with your car. If you fall into the last category, I hope this webbing site brings you nothing but pain and bad tidings. Everyone else is pretty cool.

Best Day Ever: All of the days in which someone didn’t hit me with their car. That bar is set awfully low.

I’ve been on radio and TV and on public panels for a variety of reasons, none of them speaking about the dangers of bagless vaccums, which is a shame.

I write regularly for The Ghost of Roy Hobbs, the best sports blog in the world, perform with St. Louis’ Improv Trick, and perform stand up as well. I write sketches, screenplays, short stories, articles, essays, books, and everything in between. Ask me to write something for you, and I could probably do it (INCLUDING TERM PAPERS, KIDS! THIS IS A NO RISK SCENARIO FOR ME!)

Now I live in St. Louis, Missouri with my wonderful girlfriend, Rebe’qu’ah (pronounced “Rebekah” for you racists out there), and my dog, Newman. Find a wild reindeer. Dehorn him and put him in a clothes dryer. That’s my dog. He’s adorable.

Keep in touch here, and I hope to hear from you soon.


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