Finally, We Can Categorize This Insult More Thoroughly

If children are the future, expect the future to be just as insult-laiden as the present day, but more thoroughly so. A third grade kid in Washington D.C. left a long, multiple-page manifesto, titled “Types of Bitches.” The taxonomy is pretty self-explanatory: there’s a bitch, and it fits a certain profile. Wondrous. Anything that keeps meContinue reading “Finally, We Can Categorize This Insult More Thoroughly”

Hey! New Blog! Tell EVERYONE!

  Hello to everyone! Start of a new day, week, and web site. This is my first post here, and hopefully won’t have my last for a good long while. Peruse the site! Check out the featured articles at the top! Pictures! Tweets! There’s going to be video! There’s going to be music and there’s goingContinue reading “Hey! New Blog! Tell EVERYONE!”