Couple of things here:

  • The second best part is the kid who was wiping up the first round of spew narrowly misses the second. I think it may be the only time the person holding the title of “Manager of Wiping Sweat and Sometimes Blood And Sometimes Even Puke Off The Mat” said to himself, “Well, that was lucky for me!”
  • I like how the guy who was defeated couldn’t handle it. Sure, he can take a pummeling and stand there, but gastric juices? EWW!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE! Maybe he was going away due to the shame of losing to someone who was clearly, and it’s pretty clear at this point, impaired. But I bet it was just because of the smell. My dad can’t handle it either. I’m actually okay with it, but pickles gross me out something fierce.
  • The first best part was the guy throwing up everywhere. Don’t read too much into it.
  • What’s next for this guy? He’d have to pretty much win everything and beat everybody before he’s known as anything other than “That MMA guy who spewed everywhere after he won that one match…Yeah, you may have seen it on Youtube…Yeah, it was hilarious…No, he was from some Spanish-speaking country…Yeah, THAT guy…I know, it was hilarious.” AND THAT IS A LOFTY TITLE TO HOLD.

Courtesy of our favorite Texan, The Icehouse.

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Writer living in New York, NY.

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