Out of Town For The Weekend, So I Leave You With a Timeless Man-Hit-In-Groin Video

BUT WAIT! This is no ordinary football to the groin video!

This guy’s getting hit in the groin with a moving motorcycle and motorcycle rider. The second best part is the guy going end over end. But the best part was when he got hit in the groin.

Going down to the land of cotton for a brother’s graduation/bachelor party* for the weekend, so posts will be limited to funny things I see in a casino or in Mississippi in general. Frankly, I could be posting more often than usual, as I am traversing into the land of Last in Every Quality of Life Statistic and We Could Give a Rat’s B-Hole, which usually results in hilarity.

But you guys keep it real while I’m in the wilderness.

* Brother Stovall’s Upcoming  Life Schedule:

  • May 6th – Bachelor Party
  • May 8th – Graduation
  • May 17th – First day of career
  • June 19th – Marriage.
  • Prognosis: Brother Stovall is belly-flopping into adulthood at breakneck speeds, arms wide open. Congrats to him and all that business.

Published by Zack Stovall

Writer living in New York, NY.

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