Pay Attention People: THIS Is How You Demonstrate and Protest

In today’s mad, mad, mad, mad, world, you’ll catch any number of people protesting and voicing their resistance to a given entity. We recently saw it in Egypt, and we’ve also seen it in Tehran (OH, BET YOU FORGOT ABOUT TEHRAN, DIDN’T YOU? REMEMBER HOW EVERYTHING WAS GREEN? HOW INSENSITIVE YOU ARE). Even in our own borders, we’ve seen all sorts of walk-outs, like the strikes in Wisconsin, and we’ve seen marches on to various steps in Washington D.C.

But this guy takes them all.

The subtlety! The tenacity! THE BREVITY! Random-Porch-Sitting-Budweiser-and-Booing-Enthusiast, you sir have demonstrated your verbal dexterity, and with the mere utterance of a three-letter word than doesn’t even mean anything, you have TOPPLED the authority which tried to bind you¬†give some speech about some thing. Remember how Zorro used to swordfight¬†people with a spoon, and everyone’s like ‘Oh man, he couldn’t beat these other guys with swords in a swordfight using a spoon!’ but then they were like ‘OH MAN, HE BEAT THOSE GUYS USING A SPOON!’ That’s sort of what this guy is doing. You’ve got a politician, someone who’s, you know, SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD AT DEBATING, getting se-se-se-se-SERVED by some local yokel.

The inner bully in me was happy to see this happen. The outer nerd in me made up all of the other stuff about how this was cool. Either way, a great way to get things done.

(via Demi Moore)

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