So…Zooey Deschanel Is Totally Fine With Dating Someone With An Overt Mental Handicap, Right?

"Nice helmet..."

Last night I was watching Elf because it’s Christmas time, and, you know, it was on TV. It doesn’t take much more than beating a “Law and Order” rerun marathon and “The Sing Off” to win that battle.

Let me first say that I love this movie. Instant classic, “cotton headed ninnymuggins,” all that jazz. But I have to say that this time around, I got a little uneasy at one point during the film. I’m probably just not suspending my disbelief enough, but still, it was kind of a “Wait…wait. What.” moment.

What’s Zooey “Offputtingly Attractive, But Not As Offputting As My Sister From ‘Bones’, No?” Deschanel’s character Jovie’s thought process during the scene in which she’s falling for Buddy the Elf while ice skating at Rockefeller Center? If we’re to believe what’s going on in the movie, she’s inviting the idea of getting into an intimate and possibly sexual relationship with someone who has a clear mental handicap.

Don’t get me wrong, GREAT MOVIE. But if you saw someone on the street or in the mall who professed to be from the North Pole and the adopted son of a toy making elf employed by Santa Claus, no matter how convincing his costume or childlike enthusiasm, you’d be 99 percent sure you’d be dealing with someone with dementia, possibly schizophrenia, say “SORRY, I DON’T HAVE ANY CHANGE” and walk briskly past them. Sure, it works out in the end that Buddy isn’t someone with a mental disorder, everything is true and everyone lives happily ever after splitting time between the North Pole and New York City, but that’s a pretty large gamble isn’t it? That’d be like hooking up with some young-looking girl at a college bar, then saying “Oh, you’re 18?! Awesome!”

It ends up well, but still, Jovie must’ve been pretty hard up for a date if Buddy the Elf is going to sweep her off her feet. Does she have some bad ex-boyfriend stories or something? “Yeah, Jovie was cool, but she was always really offputting and wanting to visit my dad at his mental health faciltiy…weird.”

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2 thoughts on “So…Zooey Deschanel Is Totally Fine With Dating Someone With An Overt Mental Handicap, Right?

  1. I was watching Elf last night as well, and when Buddy went to pick Jovie up at her apartment and then turned around and left her, I was thinking, “What normal girl without (Daddy) issues would put up with this type of behavior from a guy.’ Also, the dude is a Peeping Tom. He was spying on her in the shower. Not only is he mentally handicapped, but he is a pervert and a a-hole to women.

    Jovie must have been in an abusive relationship beforehand and just wanted something “safe,” otherwise, we all would be outkicking our coverage with chicks my acting like a third-grader. I guess NYC is loaded with chicks with low self-esteem and daddy issues.

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